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International Training Programs in Energy Medicine & Personal Development




You can receive a healing session in person or over the telephone. This is a safe, fast and effective way to address many health issues and optimize well being.

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Healing is easy to learn.  Learn the secrets of effective energy medicine in one weekend.

Accunect combines ancient wisdom, modern physics and sacred geometry into a powerful healing system that you can practice after one weekend.


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Welcome to Future Medicine Today

We all have the capacity to heal

Heal yourself: Accunect is a transformational weekend seminar.

Heal others: Learn to do powerful Accunect sessions in one weekend.

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Healing is natural. The Accunect® System unlocks our natural ability to heal on all levels, body mind and spirit. Everyone can learn to healing sessions and develop their intuition. At Future Medicine Today™ we educate people in revolutionary health care on the cutting edge of medicine and transformational wellness.  We teach non-invasive therapies that allow the body to quickly and naturally.


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Accunect® Connect:

Jul 10-12, Provo UT

Jul 18-20, Sacramento, CA

Aug 8-10, Missoula, MT

Oct 3-5, Limerick, Ireland

Oct 17-19, Fairfax, VA

Accunect® Ancient Wisdom

Jun 20-22, Limerick, Ireland

Other courses being finalized, check back soon…


Restore your body’s natural balance and ability to heal anything. Your body is designed to heal.  Stress takes resources away from our natural functions and pushes us out of balance.  Enable your body to enter its natural state of continuous healing.  

Reach your full potential by improving the efficiency of your mind and body. Evolve your life and operate at peak levels of performance and  awareness.